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What Is A Virtual Tour?

Virtual Tours allow users to remotely view an environment in 360°. Captured using a sequence of still images. Once stitched together they create an unbroken 360° image. These images can be viewed on a number of platforms and devices, allowing users to experience a space without physically being there.

Why Have A Virtual Tour?
The strength of the internet is experience. Virtual Tours give control to the viewer. It’s active, not passive. Looking at everything in all directions gives an extra degree of credibility. If you’re selling a space or serice, Virtual tours should be a part of your marketing toolbox.
Can I View Your Tours On My Ipad Or Iphone?
All of our virtual tours and virtual reality experiences are compatible with the iPad/iPhone, Android Smartphones/Tablets, some Smart TV’s, and other connected devices.
How Much Does A Virtual Tour Cost?
Our high-quality virtual tours and virtual reality experiences are competitively priced and we are happy to provide quotations on request. It just may cost less than you think! Tell us about your project and we will be happy to help.
How Long Before I Can Have My Tours?
This depends on the complexity of the job; but we have shot and produced tours and delivered them on the same day – although this is not ideal! Talk to us and we can give you a clear indication of how long your project is likely to take.
How Will My Tours Be Delivered?
We can deliver as an embedded link, direct link or uploaded on your social media or Google My Business Page or an offline version which can be viewed without internet, alternatively we can provide your 360 virtual tours on a DVD or flash drive.
Who Hosts The Virtual Tours?
We can offer you 1-year free hosting with your tour. Alternatively, with further payments to maintain it moving forward. We can discuss the options with you, so you’re comfortable with how to proceed.
What Sort Of Features Can Be Included In A Virtual Tour?

There are a number of different options you may want to consider, so take a look at our virtual tours and virtual reality project page to find out more.

Examples include menus, navigation aids to help you move around the tour, maps, audio, video clips, still photographs.

I Have Plenty Of Photos On My Website So I Am Not Sure That I Need A Virtual Tour. Why Do I Need One?

Here are some excellent reasons you need a tour:

Website visitors now expect to see them, particularly on mobile devices.

Static photographs – no matter how good they are, do not convey the feeling of actually being there. Looking around, interacting and engaging with your potential customers is so important these days. You do not get this from either photographs or video.

You have invested time and money in your business, you are passionate about it. Virtual tours are the best way to promote your business, your venue, your property online – without a doubt.

How Will My Business Benefit?
Virtual Tours are a cost-effective way of showing off to your customers that allows them to visit your premises 24 hours a day without the cost and hustle associated with travel and the interest of your clients visiting your website will dramatically improve.
How Will My Customers Benefit?

How would you feel to be able to see every inch of every room of the house that you heard about and might be interested in buying, but which is situated at hundreds of miles away, or in a different country? (Or maybe just at one-hour drive away)

Would the fact that you’ve “seen around” your hotel room that you’ve booked for your dream holiday make you stay assured that you took the right choice? And would you feel more tempted to visit a tourist attraction if you were able to explore it sitting in front of your computer while making your holiday plan

Your customers are no different! People like to see what they are going to get and, in this day, and age, when more and more people are using the Internet as their main research tool there is no excuse for not exploiting this way of attracting new customers to its full potential.

What Preparation Should I Do Before The Shoot?
Your venue or location should look exactly how you want it to look to your audience! You should make sure your venue is tidy and with minimal people around to ensure the shots are taken as quickly and as efficiently as possible. If you are having a virtual tour shot of your house or a property you are selling, you may want to de-clutter and depersonalize it.
There Are So Many Immersive Content Development Companies, Why Should We Choose You?
Experience and professionalism. We are a certified Google Street View Agency in Nigeria; we have a long track record of producing virtual tours and virtual reality experiences that deliver real results. Our portfolio shows just some of the tours we have produced which has provided over 17,000 views for our clients.
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